Sun Catcher Wire Tree Natural Stones Tutorial

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Make this sun catcher featuring wire trees with natural stones forming leaves. Add another dimension with a moon shining through the tree.

Sun Catcher Wire Tree Natural Stones Tutorial

Sun Catcher Wire Tree Natural Stones Tutorial

For the metal rings, I used a pack of gold and rhinestone bracelets. That is very economical for this project and more rings leftover for other creations.

Craft collaboration bangles
Economical pack of eleven bangles.




Check out craft stores or you can get a pack here

Requirements Sun Catcher Wire Tree Natural Stones Tutorial













Requirements Suncatcher


Top ring Suncatcher craft collaboration
The top ring to show what we are aiming for.


Ring one – the tree leans to the left with the moon on the right

Ring two – the tree is straighter – no moon.

Ring three – the tree leans to the right with the moon on the left.

The beauty of craft is that the design can change as you progress. Your suncatcher does not have to be exactly the same as this one.

You will find in working with wire, that the wire may direct which way it is going to go. The joy of developing your creativity.



Cut 11 – 26G wires 20-22inches long, soft bend at the halfway mark.

Mark the root area on the ring. If you need a physical mark, use a whiteboard marker. In the above photo, you can get an idea where the roots will be.  You want a space between the roots and the bottom of the branches.

Attach the wires to the ring, one at a time in the root area. They do not have to be even. If you are using a bangle like this one place the wire between the rhinestones.

Suncatcher roots
Beginning the roots

To attach the wires, do two rounds and then about eight twists.


Twist the roots together in any pattern, try not to have too many large spaces. Use your long nose pliers to take hold of a root and twist them to give more character.

Suncatcher roots

Take the tops of the roots and twist into two groups.


Suncatcher Trunk

Twist the two groups into one, forming the main trunk of the tree. Make your trunk interesting by grasping the trunk with your round nose pliers and give a twist to create the desired effect.


Branches suncatcher tree

Divide the wires into three lots to form the main branches.


Ring one and ring three have moons. Leave two wires free, pass them to the back to help secure the moon later.

Two wires for the moon Sun Catcher Wire Tree Natural Stones Tutorial


On ring two, we are going to graduate the color of the crystal gravel from clear, pale pink down to purple.

Thread the palest pieces on to the top two wires on each side.

Leaves natural stones

When the wire is loaded to the top of the ring do three rounds of wire around the ring. Cut the wire in close and squeeze it so that the end does not protrude and scratch.  If it is possible in the third round, I like to thread the wire back through itself at the back to finish off.

Keep working down the wires with the darker pink stones.

Broken wire

Sometimes a wire will break or you have a wire that is shorter than the others, it can be used to your advantage.

Short wire Sun Catcher Wire Tree Natural Stones Tutorial
Short unattached wire

You can see that I had a short wire. I loaded the short wire with stones and curled the wire above the last stone. This short branch can then be directed where ever you need to fill a space.

Loaded short wire Sun Catcher Wire Tree Natural Stones Tutorial
Short wire loaded with beads. It is free to direct where it is needed.

Use your creativeness on how the branches form. To put a nice bend in a branch, use the longnose pliers and do a sideways twist.  I like the area that represents leaves to be laden with stones.

Sometimes I direct a wire up over a previous area to fill it out more.

Thread the last one or two wires with the dark purple stones.

Make sure to leave a distinctive gap between the roots and the leaves/branches. In some cases, for effect, a branch may come down into the root area.

Ring Three

It is worked in the same manner, with the darker purple natural stones,  the moon is painted a pale pink.

Options: leave the moon natural or paint with iridescent paint to make it shine.

Ring three suncatcher

A nice gold chain used to join the rings.


Here is another idea to add to a suncatcher. It is a very cute birdcage with a little bird inside.

Bird cage

I really like the little bird in the cage, it swings on its perch.

Always buy supplies where you can find the lowest prices,

Need help finding supplies – check these out.

Natural Stones – 28 colors of stones here

Natural White Crystal Quartz Stones

Economical Pack of 11 bangles 

Birds cage with a little swinging bird


Feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

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