Simple Ways – Adding Value to Craft – Wedding Cake Topper

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Without going to a lot of extra work there are simple ways of adding value with your craft. In this post, it is a Wedding Cake Topper.

It is about buying an item that anyone can buy but you add value with some simple craft that transforms the item into a one-off treasure.

In this case, adding value is great whether you are selling your item or planning a wedding, the added value comes from ensuring that your cake topper is unique and not the same as any other cake topper.

Either way, selling or using it yourself, you want the cake topper to be different from what others can purchase.

 Simple Ways – Adding Value to Craft – Wedding Cake Topper

Simple Ways - Adding Value to Craft - Wedding Cake Topper

To add value to this Wedding Cake Topper we added a simple veil edged with tiny beads.

Simple Ways - Adding Value to Craft - Wedding Cake Topper before image

This is how the cake topper looked before we added value.

Adding the veil makes this cake topper unique, a one-off, nothing else like it. When planning a wedding it is important to express personality and to add details that are your own.

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Adding Value to your craft

Adding value with a veil

Simply cut and shape a piece of tulle, glue the beads at regular intervals. Now take a nylon thread and put a gathering stitch across the top of the veil.  Be creative and add some crystals to the top of the gathered area. Either glue the veil into place or use double-sided tape to secure it.

If you prefer a short veil, it could look like this.

Both of these cake toppers picture blonde brides, it would be very easy to paint the hair another color.


Simple Ways - Adding Value to Craft - Wedding Cake Topper happy couple

Adding value to your craft for sale or personal use can be so simple and effective.

There will be more posts in this series of adding value to your craft over the next weeks.

I hope you enjoy this wedding cake topper upgrade.  Feeling a little romantic go and visit the Beach Wedding of our miniature friends.


Wedding cake topper
Wedding cake topper 1
Wedding cake topper 2
Wedding cake topper 2









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