Simple Miniature Scene in a Glass Bowl

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This simple miniature scene in a glass bowl is very cute and would make a wonderful gift for a loved one, or sell it in markets or your store.

After walking down the road the little girl is watching her mischievous poodle who wants to go off and play.

Tutorial Simple Miniature Scene in a Glass Bowl Little girl with her poodle


Under supervision, an older child could make this project. It is also challenging enough for adults.


Simple Miniature Scene in a Glass Bowl

 The simple miniature scene in a glass bowl - They walked down the road now the lovely little girl watches as her cute poodle wants to run off and play. Click To Tweet

What you will need to make the miniature scene



Simple Miniature Scene in a Glass Bowl requirements

For the road use a contrasting color of stones or colored sand.

Simple Miniature Scene in a Glass Bowl needed

Make the glass bowl clean and shiny to begin the miniature scene.Wine glass

Note: if you can’t find a nice little bowl like this one, these miniature scenes can be created in any clear glass bowl. I have seen scenes made in large wine glasses something like this one.


Think about the scene that you want to create and on the outside of the bowl using a whiteboard marker mark things like the horizon and any other significant features. Always try to keep the glass clean, it can be cleaned later but it helps if the cleanup is not too much.

Layer One

  • Place around half a cup of stones on the plastic plate and some glue. (I use simple craft glue as it does not dry too quickly. It cleans up with water and even after it is dry if the stones are not quite in the right place, they can be removed as the glue is a little flexible.) Make sure that the chosen glue, dries clear.

Simple Miniature Scene in a Glass Bowl Glue and stones


  • Mix the glue with the stones until the stones are coated. This is the first layer of stones and another layer will go on top when this layer is dry.


  • Using the plastic spoon place the glue coated stones inside the bowl and spread them in the design you have chosen.  Press the stones down, if the spoon gets too sticky dip it in a little water.

Simple Miniature Scene in a Glass Bowl press stones

  • Because another layer will go on top of these stones they should be left to dry for around 24 hours so that they dry well.


Layer Two

Mix a little more than half a cup of stones with glue, as done for layer one. Now use the plastic spoon to carefully place the stones inside the bowl. To add interest, don’t keep it flat, put a rise or a hill towards the back of the scene.

Have in your mind where the road and plants are going to be placed.


Adding Bushes

Adding bushes either place them while the stone glue is still wet, or use a stronger glue to hold them in place. I have a clear silicone glue that does a good job.

The larger green plant here needed a prop until the stones around it dried a little.

Simple Miniature Scene in a Glass Bowl bush prop

The tweezers with an angle (as above) are very helpful in placing items inside the bowl. I also have a pack of craft sticks that I keep in my resources, they have many uses.


The road

Through the glue nozzle squeeze glue in the shape of the road, it will take a few lines of glue. Now you can place the stones or sand on top of the glue road.

Simple Miniature Scene in a Glass Bowl road
The Road

Reaching this point, you have done well. Now for the fun stage, place your figures, in this case, it is the little girl who is looking at the cute poodle.  I needed to prop both of these until they dried.



Simple Miniature Scene in a Glass Bowl Poodle

Simple Miniature Scene in a Glass Bowl back view
Back View

Clean up

Use the tweezers with a damp sponge to clean up any marks on the inside of the glass.

I have found that eucalyptus oil on the sponge makes the glass clear and shiny.

Ideas for children

The beauty of these miniature scenes is that they lend themselves to developing imagination. For crafters with children keep them interested as you make your miniature scene.

Have fun making up stories about the characters –

What is the story behind the characters? What names would you give them? What are they doing or thinking? Where are they going? If the cute poodle jumps out of the bowl, will the little girl follow? How does she get the poodle to come back? etc. etc.

Example of another scene


The Craft Collaboration miniature scene
This miniature scene is in a 12 cm bowl.


Simple Miniature Scene in a Glass Bowl ducks

The scene features a little house on the grassy hill.

Stairs coming down to a duck pond.

One duck is in the pond the other two are following.

Succulents are artificial.

On the right, there is a beautiful crystal tree made of 50 crystals and silver wire. The tree adds a lovely touch to the scene, the bottom branches are made on a very fine wire that shimmers with any movement.


We intend to do a tutorial on making crystal trees. For a start here is a tutorial on making a branch for a crystal tree.

Buy your craft supplies where ever you can find the best price. Heavier items like stones and sand are best bought at your local craft store.

If you would like a quote for any item at all, I will see what price I can get it for. Make your requests in the contact form in the footer, also let me know what country you are in.


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