Romance Story and the Beach Wedding

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Behind the scenes of a miniature landscape

We met them at the wishing well. She was very shy or was she playing hard to get?

Romance Story and the Beach Wedding


Romance Story and the Beach Wedding

As she came down the stairs from the house on the hill, he stood by the wishing well encouraging her to come and make a wish with him. Two young people starting a romance.

Behind the scene of miniature landscapes

Particularly when the craft of miniature landscapes depict people and/or animals they need to show personality.  We give considerations when dressing them and their interaction with the surroundings.  For the personality to show though it helps to infuse the scene with your imagination.

If you cannot imagine a scene, then you cannot make the scene. In this example, to help the reader we will make some temporary mock scenes outside of the glass bowl. This way we will see the development of our young couple.

If you cannot imagine a scene, then you cannot make the scene. Check out this romantic story and beach wedding. Click To Tweet

This is how the romance story and the beach wedding started.

I have had so much fun making these miniature landscapes in a glass bowl. Feel free to add your imagination to this story as we head toward the beach wedding.

The courtship

They were young and not greatly influenced by the wider world around them.

Romance Story and the Beach Wedding walking

They would meet and walk and talk becoming firm friends.


Romance Story and the Beach Wedding laughing

He jokes to make her laugh as he tries to impress her.


Over time their relationship grew stronger.  But as so often happens when life skills are being learned, they had a misunderstanding.

Romance Story and the Beach Wedding the tears flowed

The tears flowed.


True love strives to understand and works together toward peace and kindness.

They walk and talk to clear their minds, a sweet gesture and a flower, all is well again.


They are learning a relationship saving exercise.

“Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable and it keeps no record of being wronged. . . . Love never gives up.” (NLT)


Romance Story and the Beach Wedding the car

They are maturing – now his very own car.



There is a wedding to plan

Yes, it is going to be a beach wedding.  So many fun things to plan and buy and dream about.

She has her beautiful wedding dress ready for the big day. Now she excitedly goes for a make-over to look her best.  It is a bit scary for her, she is going to the beauty parlor to blonde her hair and to have it styled.

Romance Story and the Beach Wedding the hair

So exciting, she has never done anything like this before.


The day of the wedding

He is a little nervous, he has never worn a suit before. But here he is and he feels pretty special in it. He wonders what she will wear, what will she look like? She told him that her hair was having a major change. His heart is warmed at the thought of her, she always brings the best out in him.

The Groom Let's Create

W a i t i n g



Here she comes . . . Oh WOW!


Here she comes - the beach wedding


Aren’t they a lovely couple –


Now to the Beach – time to get back into the bowl for our miniature landscape scene –

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