Real-Life Creative Lessons [Part II]

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Every person is creative. We have the ability to be creative as we live our daily lives. Some from a young age have been encouraged to develop their creativity and so it comes easier for them to think outside the box.  Often the fewer resources we have the more creative we become.


Real-life creative lessons

Enjoy the real-life examples in Part II of the post by our special guest writer Aletha Cress Oglesby, M.D.  If you missed Part I read it first, then continue on here.


Real-Life Creative Lessons [Part II] How my childhood dream came true

My childhood dream after reading a book

In part 1 I told you that as a child I dreamed of becoming a doctor and travelling to foreign countries to treat needy people.

I did graduate from medical school, completed a family medicine residency, and started practicing. However, I still had a desire to travel on a volunteer medical trip but didn’t know how I could do that with student debt to pay.


Dreams do come true

One year my church welcomed a new pastor. Just a few months after he came, he approached me and said, “Dr. Oglesby, would you consider serving on a medical mission team? If you would, the church would like to pay for the expenses.”


I was stunned. He didn’t know me well, and I had never discussed a mission trip with him, or anyone else at church. But here was the answer to my dream.

I was stunned. He didn’t know me well. But here was the answer to my dream. Click To Tweet

Real-Life Creative Lessons [Part II] dreams come true

Thanks to my church, I soon travelled to Honduras on my first of many mission trips to several countries.


The author of the book who inspired me to dream

After some research, I learned more about the doctor I had read about as a child.  Dr. Dooley was a doctor in the U.S. Navy, assigned to care for refugees in Vietnam.


And years later, I travelled with a medical mission team to Vietnam along with my husband, who had served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam.

Real-Life Creative Lessons [Part II] travel


My Childhood dream did come true

Another real-life example of creative living –

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton, the most successful country music star of all time, has written 3000 songs. Most of her songs tell a story, like Joshua, Apple Jack, and My Tennessee Mountain Home. She even wrote a song about the country doctor who delivered her, Dr. Robert F. Thomas.


“Coat of Many Colors”

But her favorite song and that of most of her faithful fans is a song about her childhood. Her parents lived in a small community in the mountains of East Tennessee. Dolly was one of 12 children. Her parents worked hard but money was scarce. Her mother had to be creative to feed and clothe 12 children.


So when Dolly needed a new coat, her mother made her one out of a box of rags. The rags were different colors, so the coat was multicolored. Dolly’s mother told her the Bible story of Joseph, whose father gave him a “coat of many colors”.  It goes like this-


Jacob’s son Joseph was now seventeen years old, and he loved Joseph more than any of his other children, because Joseph was born to him in his old age. So one day Jacob gave him a special gift—a brightly colored coat.

 His brothers, of course, noticed their father’s partiality, and consequently hated Joseph; they couldn’t say a kind word to him.

Joseph had two dreams in which it appeared that he would be so powerful that his brothers would bow down before him.

And they hated him both for the dream and for his cocky attitude.


Living Bible (TLB) Genesis 37
The Living Bible copyright © 1971 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.


Dolly proudly wore her coat to school, where her schoolmates promptly made fun of it, because it wasn’t new or fancy. But Dolly didn’t care because she knew the love that created her coat was more valuable than money.

The Hit Song

Inspired by her mother’s example, Dolly wrote a song she titled, “Coat of Many Colors”, which immediately shot to number 4 on the country music charts in 1971. In 2015 Warner Brothers Television produced a movie of Dolly’s story.

The coat used in the movie that is displayed in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. Photo source Wikipedia

Countless people find inspiration from Dolly’s life,  all because her mother used her imagination to solve a problem and create something of value.


Encouragement to live creatively and dream

Sometimes life surprises us when our dreams come true. Keep believing in your dreams and encourage other people’s dreams. If someone- a parent, teacher, neighbor, coach – has encouraged your dream, thank them. They have given you a priceless gift.




Our guest author – You will enjoy visiting her website and following her on facebook

Aletha Cress Oglesby, M.D. is a family physician and blogger. She has practiced in a variety of Aletha imagination and dreamssettings-family practice clinic, hospital, emergency and urgent care clinics, nursing homes. On her blog, Watercress Words-exploring the HEART of health, she writes to inform and inspire her readers to maximize their health and wellbeing by treating and preventing illness in safe and effective ways.

Besides exploring health, she likes to explore the world. She and her husband travel for vacations and to volunteer. They pursue ballroom dancing for fun and health, socially and competitively. They have two adult sons and two grandchildren.

Aletha Cress Oglesby, M.D.

Blogs at Watercress Words- a blog exploring the HEART of HEALTH


We hope Real-Life Creative Lessons has been of encouragement to you.

Do you find that books inspire and motivate you?

Do you allow yourself to dream and imagine things that you would like to do?

Let’s encourage our children and others to live a creative lifestyle.

Maybe you have a story to tell that would encourage us all to be more creative in how we live.

Let’s Create is waiting for your inspiring story. To be a guest writer, check it out here.


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