Simple Piñatas for Young Children Party

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Simple Piñatas for Young Children having a small party

How much fun are Piñatas? The idea originally comes from Mexico.

For our purposes today we are thinking of a small party of young children, of course, all children love a Piñata. But being young they could easily hurt each other as they try and break open the Piñatas to find the goodies inside. This is especially true if the party is being held in a confined space like on a verandah.

Simple Piñatas for Young Children Party Kids Craft

To keep the little ones safe we are going to make a simple Piñata for each child.

In this craft session, the Piñata basics can involve the children, this builds the excitement. Don’t spoil it by showing the contents, that is a secret. Keep the suspense going.

Simple requirementsDecorated Pinata

Crepe paper



The secret goodies. When I made mine I included a few sweets, a small toy and a covered toilet roll tube. In the tube I put some lose money in 10 and 20cent pieces. The same amount in each Piñata. The money proved to be the most exciting item.

Simple Method

Take a double thickness of crepe paper, large enough for the contents. About two feet square should be plenty.

Hide the contents and bundle them up and tie off the end, leaving a two-foot string.

The children can decorate the outside, with whatever you have on hand.

Party Time

Tie the Piñata string to a longer string and attach it to a tree or the rafters, now stand clear and give a broomstick to one child at a time and let them break open their Piñata.

Simple pinata

Simple Piñatas for Young Children Party

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