Miniature Scene – Private Beach Bowl

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A private beach in a bowl. The miniature scene is of a tunnel through the mountain with a car park. Two friends walk toward the ladder leading down to the beach. Their friends are already enjoying the private beach.



Miniature Scene – Private Beach Bowl

This is not a step by step tutorial however it shows the main stages.

I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted to create in the bowl, but that picture changed as I faced the challenges.

That is the wonderful thing about creativity when an obstacle presents we work around it and sometimes the workaround is better than the original idea.

I found this scene to be the hardest I have made, it took me a long time as I was learning and experimenting along the way. It turned out to be quite a fun project.

This miniature beach scene took me a long time as I was learning and experimenting along the way. It turned out to be quite a fun project. Click To Tweet

Items that I used

The round glass bowl is 15cm diameter in a cement base. I bought it from KMart.

The rocks are made from styrofoam.

The carpark fence is made from toothpicks and jewelry wire.

The ladder is made from craft sticks.

The people are Railway People

The sand is from the beach. I secured the sand with hairspray.

Artificial greenery.

The water is clear silicone bathroom sealer.

The beach towel is made of glue and toilet paper.

Two miniature cars.

Various paints and glues. Modelling Paste.

Sharp knife with a small blade.


Making the pieces

I made the rocks in four pieces

  1. The tunnel through the rocks
  2. The base for the carpark.
  3. The backdrop to the beach and support for the carpark.
  4. The side piece next to the ladder.


When making miniature scenes it helps to look at nature or real things. For example, if you are making trees, go for a walk and take photos of trees. Look at their structure, how the branches and leaves hang, mobile phone photos are fine.

Do the same thing if you are wanting to make styrofoam rocks. You will learn more by taking your own photos but for those unable to get out and about use Google images to study these things.

  1. The tunnel through the rocks and carpark base


Miniature Scene - Private Beach Bowl tunnel and carpark


To be honest, it takes practice to make good realistic rocks, I think I will do even better next time I do a miniature scene with rocks.

I cut my rocks out of a large styrofoam ball to get the round shape to fit the glass bowl easier.

For the top rocks – start with a piece of styrofoam around 10 x 7 x 5 cm (4 x 2.5 x 2 inches)

Using a sharp knife cut out the tunnel. Cut out small jagged pieces of the styrofoam to form rocks. When you are satisfied with the shape put a thin coat of modeling paste over the rocks to give texture.

Take three shades of color to represent rocks.

First, use the darkest shade, keep the paint fairly thin. You want this dark shade to get into all the crevices. The next shade should be rough and not going right into the crevices. The lightest shade is dry brushed over the rocks to add to the textured look.


Carpark base – start with a piece of styrofoam around  14 x 6 x 1.5 cm (5.5 x 2.3 x .5 inches) This is a flat piece and just needs fitting, coating and painting.

Hold these two parts together to try a fitting in your glass bowl. To help hold the two pieces together during the fitting a toothpick can be used to hold them together. You may have to adjust the sizes as you start to fit pieces in the bowl.  Do this by cutting with your knife and repaint the cut parts.

When you are satisfied glue the base to the rocks. Make sure your tunnel is deep enough to house the little cars.  It is easy to cut extra out to increase the size. Patch up with paint.


Carpark fence – Measure how long you want the fence and cut toothpicks to size for the posts, use the pointed ends to secure the posts into the base. Two strands of jewelry wire wound together makes the two strands of wire across the fence.


The two supporting rocks

Miniature Scene - Private Beach Bowl beach back rock

Miniature Scene - Private Beach Bowl - side rock








The main rock support that backs onto the beach 10 x 5 x 5 cm (4 x 2 x 2 inches)

Adjust the size as needed. Have this rock face back under the carpark floor so that the floor is wider.

Coat and paint the rock face as above.


The end support – this will need to be cut to fit with the other support as well as the carpark floor.

It is easier to start gluing some of the greenery onto the pieces before they get fitted inside the bowl. Use a couple of shades of green to dry brush some moss onto the stones as well.


The water

Miniature Scene - Private Beach Bowl - water

A strip of light cardboard is glued to define the water area and to separate the water and sand. The width of the water is around 2 cm (3/4 inch)

Mix some paint the color that you want the water. The paint needs to be watered down but not too watery, you want to maintain the color.

To use the silicone, make sure the area is well ventilated.

Using the long nozzle to lay a foundation for the water. Now take the paintbrush with paint on it to flatten out the silicone.  Let this layer of silicone dry for 24 hours.

Now squeeze out more silicone on the previous dry layer. Again pat it down with the paintbrush. If it needs another layer of silicone allow another 24 hours before the next layer.

On this last layer, think about the movement of water near the beach. Let little pieces of silicone flick up like a breaking wave. When this layer is dry, these pieces are painted white.

The cardboard that separates the water and sand can now be removed.

Add the sand and shape it. Then spray it with hairspray (or other spray glue) to keep the sand in place.


Finishing touches

This is always a fun part as the finishing touches complete the vision that you have imagined.

Ladder about 9 cm – I used some craft sticks and glued the pieces together to form a ladder.

Add the people to the scene.  They will need to be propped after you place glue on their feet. When the glue is dry and they can stand alone, remove the props.

I learned so much by making this private beach miniature scene.  You can make one too.

Miniature Scene - Private Beach Bowl rocks and cars


Buy your craft supplies where ever you can find the best price. Heavier items like stones and sand are best bought at your local craft store.

Get a quote for any item

I will give you the best price I can find. Make your requests in the contact form in the footer, also let me know what country you are in.



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