Guest Post and Tutorial Guide Lines

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The Craft Collaboration

Guest Post and Tutorial Guide Lines

We are accepting guest posts on our blog and tutorials for the craft sections. Collaborate with Let’s Create.


Guest Posts on our Blog

Please carefully read the recommendations below, BUT do not stress these are guidelines not hard rules.


100% exclusive is preferred.

Posts that have been published before – Headings and titles MUST be different from previous publishing. Change the keywords.  Make the first paragraph different. Try and reword some of the content as well.  Being a creative person this should not be too difficult.

Check the page for examples of suitable topics –  There are many more topics to be written, contact us with your ideas.


It is exciting to use your own love of craft to ignite a passion and confidence in someone else to start a journey into crafts.


Writing Guide Lines

I appreciate that much of this is basic and nothing new, but reminders never go astray.

Keep a person or an age group in mind while you are writing.

Make it clear from the start what your project or subject is.

Unfold it in a logical order.

Use headings throughout the post. Make use of keywords where possible.

Have a conclusion that sums up the total.

Posts should aim for a minimum of 400 words.

All graphics should be original or Creative Commons CC0, or licensed for use with no Copyright restrictions. Image no larger than 700×700 pixels.

Links – No links in the body of the post.  No selling pitches.

You may have four links in the author bio.

Author Bio

We want to know about you as well as a headshot around 250 x 250.  Make it four or five lines long and you can have four links, to your site or social media or shops.

For You

In addition to the above, when your post is published we want you to let your followers know that you have a guest post published. Promote it in your usual places, encourage your followers to support you and to add comments to your post.

Be available to answer comments and questions about your post.



What we will do

You don’t have to worry about too much formatting of your post, we will do that.

We will keep you informed regarding publishing dates.

You will be notified in the event that your post/tutorial is not suitable at this time.

Your post/tutorial will be promoted, you will be given ‘dofollow’ links. Dofollow links are followed by search engines, from our page to yours.

Our followers will receive an email letting them know when your post is published.

We maintain the right to edit where necessary.

Feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

All contributors will be added to our email list in the hope that authors will promote and encourage each other.

You will be invited to collaborate on our Pinterest Group Boards.

Note: Please submit your author bio, photo, and links in a separate email. Use the name of your post in the subject line. Send to

Submit your post here Let's Create Button


Craft tutorials and master class – 

At this stage, the categories are wide open from simple projects to the more complex.

If you are unsure of the category choose ‘uncategorized’ and the editor will allocate a suitable category.

What we need from you

At least one awesome photo of your project (no larger than 700×700 pixels) and a description/elevator sales pitch that will make people want to take a look at your project and possibly make or buy it. Use a minimum of 55 words.

The URL should go directly to your project.

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Let’s Create and show off all the beauty and intrigue of our works.

Let’s make our passion contagious so others will find joy working and creating as well.

You can contact us through the form below in the footer.