How To Get More Eyes on Your Craft

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“I’m always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up in the morning and see the light.”
― Miles Davis

How To Get More Eyes on Your Craft

Welcome to Everyone.

Craft covers a wide range of creative arts that bring us a huge amount of pleasure. It is even more satisfying when others gain pleasure and appreciation from what we have put our time and skills into.

Let’s Create is not only a place where we as artists can display our projects but also a place to practice appreciation and give support to each other.

At this point in time, we are taking Guest Posts and Tutorials, the categories are still developing.

How can submitting a post or tutorial get more eyes on your craft?

  • Every time we accept and publish a new submission an email goes out to all of our followers inviting them to come and see the new post.  They are invited to social share your project or post with all of their friends. Also, we will be promoting it wherever we can.


  • An invitation to collaborate with our Group Pinterest Boards will give you more exposure. I am sure that you know the power of Pinterest to bring traffic and business.


  • In your Author Bio, our followers learn more about you. You are permitted to have four hyperlinks. They may go to your website, social media, affiliate or your craft shop.


  • As well there will also be a hyperlink to your website where I introduce you. That makes five hyperlinks that will be ‘dofollow’ links. These links attract search engines and they will follow the link from our page to your website or shop etc.  SEO ‘brownie points’ will bring you more organic visitors from searches.


  • Those of you who sell your crafts with Etsy or other stores may ask the question as to why you should share a tutorial on how to make the items that you are trying to sell. Good question.

The answer is simple

1.  Most people may wish they could craft like you, but actually, they would rather buy the item than go to the trouble of buying supplies and trying to making it.

2. When they see the effort and expertise you display in making the item – the item becomes more valuable and they are more likely to buy it.

3. Having seen the tutorial of how it is made, when they own the item, it becomes a conversational piece that they can talk about with others.

4. There will be those who appreciate your tutorial who would never consider buying it. They will want to know more about you and follow on to your website.

We are continually working on new ways to promote our crafters, we want more eyes on your craft, visiting your website and shops.

To become a contributor visit this link.


“There is a certain transcendent joy in creating a thing of beauty. But even more fulfilling is to become a being of beauty.”
― Philip Gulley