Fairy Island Resort

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Fairy Island Resort is situated on a beautiful Island, it is a resort for humans that is run and managed by fairies.

It all started as a project to build a fairy house, I was inspired by the craft of Sharon Ojala, Sharon also has wonderful Youtube tutorials.   My project became five months of joy and challenges to make it happen.

The resort is made to look like it is built into a large tree, it has many aspects, intricate sections and four lighting systems. It stands 76 cm (30in) tall.

Fairy Island Resort

Fairy Island Resort The resort is made to look like it is built into a large tree, it has many aspects, intricate sections and four lighting systems. It stands 76 cm tall.

Early in the construction of the fairy island resort, I knew where I wanted it to go, although I was not at all sure how to make it happen. During this process, I realised that a Fairy Tale was emerging to complement the structure. The story just flowed into a 45-page book including illustrations.

Take a look from the top down –

The Ballroom

The ballroom Fairy Island Resort

The ballroom is basically a cardboard box that is lined with paper on both sides. The floor is gloss finished for dancing. Mirrors on the walls and coloured lights make a bright happy room.  The roof is finished to look like bark, this is achieved with glue and paper towels. The balcony floor is torn pieces of an egg carton to look like a crazy slate floor.

The owl Fairy Island Resort

The top window reveals a full moon with an owl sitting on a branch. The two children in the fairy Island resort story were thrilled to see the moon and the owl. Meet Emma, she is seven years old and Jackson is eleven.

Emma & Jackson Fairly Island Resort


The Dining Room

The Dining Room Fairy Island Resort

The dining room is a tissue box, the internal staircase leads to the ballroom. At the far end is the kitchen. The table is set for a delicious meal, the chairs are fridge magnets and wire. Cookoo clock on the wall adds to the fun.


The Bedroom

Bedroom Fairy Island Resort

A beautiful bedroom and ensuite, complete with shower and mirrors on the wall.

Side Bedroom Fairy Island Resort

View of the bedroom and side window

Bedroom scene fairy tale

A scene in the bedroom from the fairy tale.


The Old Observatory

The Old Observatory


Like all fairy tales, there is a dark side, in this story the fairy who has gone to the dark side is Raven. Raven is both beautiful and charming easily gaining Jackson’s confidence.


Mineral Pool

Unicorns and a healing mineral pool.  The water flows out of a rock on the other side of the island, it flows past the caves and under the rock bridge and down into the pool. The grassed areas are the rough side of an egg carton painted. The pathway to the Coffee Shoppe is made out of coffee beans.

The Fairy Tale

A most enjoyable story that the whole family will love.

  • The story is written to be read as a family together having some quality time. It lends itself to reinforcing family values in a relaxed setting.
  • There are suggestions at the end of the book to start the family conversations on the issues that come out of the story.
  • Right at the end of the book are instructions for a fun craft project. Two printable pages to do the craft.



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