Fairies and Unicorns [Make Simple Scene in a Bowl]

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So cute and adorable, Fairies and Unicorns. The simple scene in a bowl is so easy to make.

Fairies and Unicorns [Simple Scene in a Bowl] Tutorial



Fairies and Unicorns [Simple Scene in a Bowl]


What you will need –

One glass bowl -This bowl is 8 cm diameter



Artificial plants

Glue – I used silicone glue to make the water with natural opal stone pieces

Fairy dust (optional)

Fairies and Unicorns [Simple Scene in a Bowl] require

Artificial  Plants

This example uses crystal and wire branches, any suitable artificial plants will complement the scene.

The Water

Fairies and Unicorns [Simple Scene in a Bowl] water

Silicone glue and a plastic lid is all you need to make this water. I used a toothpick dipped in blue paint to drag through the glue to give it its color. There are some natural stones set in the ‘water’ along with some tiny plastic leaves and seed beads along the water’s edge.  Leave to dry and then the ‘water’ can be removed and placed where you need it.

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Assembly of the Fairies and Unicorns scene in a bowl

Fairies and Unicorns [Simple Scene in a Bowl] crystal

Glue the artificial plant into the bowl and allow it to dry.

Add the sand and spread it in the bottom of the bowl, mix in or sprinkle a little fairy dust.

Put the water in place, now add the fairy and unicorn figurine.

Fairies and Unicorns tutorial

Fairies and Unicorns side

Fairies and unicorns in a bowl, this is super cute and easy.


Buy your craft supplies where ever you can find the best price. Heavier items like stones and sand are best bought at your local craft store.

I can give you an obligation free quote for any item at all, just make your requests on the contact form in the footer, also let me know what country you are in.

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