Crystal Wire Tree Branch Basics Tutorial

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Creating with wire and crystals and/or beads is fascinating. I was first attracted to the craft by bridal headpieces made with crystals and wire. This tutorial will give you crystal and wire tree branch basics.

Learning the easy skills from this tutorial will open up a whole new world of creativity.

Here is a photo of a bridal headpiece to show you the possibilities from the skill learned in this tutorial.

Crystal and Wire Tree Branch Basics bridal headdress

Crystal and Wire Tree Branch Basics


Learning the easy skills from this tutorial will open up a whole new world of creativity. Crystal wire tree, branch basics tutorial Click To Tweet


What you will need

You will need these few items to practice the skills in this tutorial for crystal wire tree branch basics. Use any color beads, this wire will take beads between 3 mm and 5 mm.

Crystal Wire Tree Branch Basics requirements



Cut a piece of wire around 36 cm (14 inches) long.  Put a soft bend at the halfway point.

Crystal Wire Tree Branch Basics thread bead

  1. Thread the crystal to the soft bend


Crystal Wire Tree Branch Basics squeeze

2. Squeeze the wires together under the bead.


Twist Crystal Wire Tree Branch Basics

3. Twist the wires under the bead 4 times.

For this style of crystal and wire branch – develop this rhythm

Thread  >   Squeeze   >   Twist     –     Thread  >   Squeeze   >   Twist

The number of twists under the beads is not important but have enough to develop what you are trying to achieve. For now, do four or five twists.



You have the first bead on the wire, that was not too hard and it does not get much harder, wonderful.

These tips may prevent some frustration. Working with wire – try not to bend and unbend the wire, it is soft so that we can make beautiful things with it, but bending and unbending will break the wire.

The difference between a wrap and twisting wire – they have a different purpose and technique.

Wrapone wire is kept still while the other wire wraps around it.

TwistKeep the two wires involved and apart and either twist from below or from above, whichever is the most comfortable.

Tips Wire Twist

Twisting from the bead end, hold the wire apart with your index finger, hold each wire with other fingers and twist the crystal. Make sure that both wires are engaged in the twist.

When making branches and tree trunks the twists do not have to be perfectly even, give your branches some character like they have in nature.

Buying wire

For wire trees, I buy wire that is called ‘dead soft.’ Just ‘soft’ would be OK too.

Buying crystals

For practice, quality crystals are not necessary. Projects of this nature are a lot of work, so don’t waste your talent on dull crystals. I tried several suppliers before I was satisfied.  I needed economy and quality. I have Swarovski crystals for very special projects. Obviously, they are too costly for most crystal creations.

The second bead







Thread the second bead, bend the wire and squeeze about 1 cm from the first bead. Now twist until the twists come back to the twists under the first bead.

Do four twists under where the two wires meet.

Add beads to alternate wires so that the wire tails stay roughly the same length. Do not worry about the position of the beads they can easily be positioned when you have finished the branch.


Third bead


3rd bead Crystal Wire Tree Branch Basics

Follow the same pattern – Thread  >   Squeeze   >   Twist back to the other twist, now do four twists with the two tail wires.


Fourth bead


Follow the same pattern – Thread  >   Squeeze   >   Twist back to the other twist, now do four twists with the two tail wires.


The arrow is pointing to a small gap, it would look better without the gap –  do one twist of the third bead to remove the gap.

Keep working down the wires in this manner to finish the branch.


Make a second branch


The first branch has nine crystals. Now make a smaller branch with seven crystal.

The second branch is made in the same manner as the first branch.

The arrow shows the end of twists for the two branches – twist them together to form a thicker branch.

To make a tree we would make several more of these branches.



A Wire and Crystal Tree Scene Example

Crystal tree example

This is a small tree scene that I made using gold and silver wire with clear and crimson crystals.

You can see how the root system is used for added interest.


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