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Welcome to The Craft Collaboration  

What a wonderful world! What if all the peoples of the world put their differences behind them and stopped to be overwhelmed,  enthralled and consumed with the wonder of the creation all around them?

It has been said that photographers are the among the happiest people in the world.  Also, add to that happy group, the artist crafters. These are the creators, they design and observe, they stop to ‘smell the roses’.

These creators observe the world around them. By looking into a flower they see how the small parts fit together and contribute to the whole beautiful functioning plant.  Artists observe the colors that are naturally put together and how they interact with each other.

The Craft Collaboration
A beautiful example of the interaction of color and shape in nature.

The creators of the arts

They get up each morning and go through daily life somewhat unaware of how they are training themselves to observe nature, they observe people, they feel their emotions and read their body language.  In doing so they capture the pleasures, the beauty, the emotions the hopes and aspirations. This is all preparing them to do their crafts and to create reflecting the beauty of the world around them.

“I see beauty as being something that all human beings need. Why? Because we find pleasure in beauty. Because we find meaning in beauty. Because our minds need beauty just like our bodies need fresh air. Beauty is what keeps us alive in an aesthetic sense.

Beauty is a universal need. We need beauty for the same reason we need air: to live. But while it is our bodies that need air, it is our souls that need beauty. Without beauty we do not see the same meaning in things. Without beauty we become negative and forlorn.

Photographer and teacher Alain Briot made this statement in an essay. The whole essay is inspirational and gives insight into the mind of creating beautiful photographs and fine art. You can read it here.

You will agree, the subject matter is endless just as the creation around us is endless we could never exhaust the content that is available for all to experience.

Therefore the craft collaboration endeavors to bring together a creative experience that will inspire both young and old.

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