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Two ways to be promoted on Let’s Create

We are accepting links to your tutorials for the craft sections and Guest Posts for our Blog. Come and collaborate with Let’s Create.



  • You can submit links to your craft projects.
  • We need an awesome photo of your project. Up to 700×700 pixels.
  • A description/elevator sales pitch that will make people want to go to your site to take a closer look at your project and possibly make or buy it. A minimum of 55 words.
  • The URL should go directly to your project.


Our categories are still developing. We are interested in all (family friendly) arts and crafts. We believe it is important to inspire children to be creative and develop their skills. At the same time, arts and crafts are extremely beneficial, therapeutic and financially rewarding for all age groups.



We are looking for guest posts on topics that inspire us to create and to reflect the joy and motivation of doing so. See some post ideas below.

Benefits for you

Our aim is to promote your craft and website from your guest post.

  • We advertise your guest post to others that you may not otherwise reach, resulting in potential new visitors for you.


  • We put one link to your website and you are permitted to make another four links in your author bio. These links are ‘dofollow’ links. Therefore you can lead visitors to your site, email signup, affiliate or store or social media. Search engines that find your guest post on Let’s Create will follow the link to your website. Again this could lead to new visitors to your website.


  • You will be invited to Let’s Create group Pinterest boards. We all know how great traffic is from Pinterest.


Some examples of suitable topics –

  • Encourage empty nesters that this is the time to explore their creative talents that may have been dormant.


  • The important role that grandparents have in teaching and encouraging their grandchildren to develop handcraft skills.


  • Video making tips for tutorials


  • Photographic tips for presenting crafts and doing tutorials.


  • How and where to sell crafts or how to do street markets.


  • How to motivate children to use and develop their imagination.


  • Teaching children the joy of creating with their hands.


  • How to elevate what children make and develop to be as important and as much fun as screen time.


  • Teaching how to coordinate screentime learning from tutorials and putting what is learned into practice. The best of two worlds where screentime is not exclusive or passive.


  • The benefits of developing coordination, planning, and execution of a project for all ages.


  • How to encourage and to promote a love for crafting for all age groups.

So many more topics to write on . . .

  • Craft is a great teacher and developer of skills, therefore, children of all ages will find a wealth of benefits.  Not only children, crafts are very satisfying and fulfilling for isolated and lonely people.  All artistic people who appreciate beauty are among the happiest people.


  • It takes the busy moms and grandparents to excite the children to take up and love making things with their hands.


  • While all ages of adults may develop a love of creating crafts, the age group of empty nesters right up to the top end may be just learning how much latent talent they have. It is exciting to discover creativity.



Use this link to the Guest Post/Tutorial guidelines.