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The Beach Wedding - Let's Create

Romance Story and the Beach Wedding

Behind the scenes of a miniature landscape – We met them at the wishing well. She was very shy or was she playing hard to get? Romance Story and the Beach Wedding   As she came down the stairs from the house on the hill, he stood by the wishing well encouraging her to come […]

Essential Tips for Making Money with Your Craft

Essential Tips for Making Money with Your Craft

This article will give you essential tips for making money with your craft. Meet our Guest Author, Joyce from Heavenly Bodies. We appreciate the extensive experience that she brings to this subject.   Essential Tips for Making Money with Your Craft There are many reasons why one would choose to use their crafting skills to […]

Real-Life Creative Lessons [Part II] How my childhood dream came true

Real-Life Creative Lessons [Part II]

Every person is creative. We have the ability to be creative as we live our daily lives. Some from a young age have been encouraged to develop their creativity and so it comes easier for them to think outside the box.  Often the fewer resources we have the more creative we become.   Real-life creative […]

The Craft Collaboration

The Craft Collaboration Network Artists

Welcome to The Craft Collaboration   What a wonderful world! What if all the peoples of the world put their differences behind them and stopped to be overwhelmed,  enthralled and consumed with the wonder of the creation all around them? It has been said that photographers are the among the happiest people in the world.  Also, add […]