About Let’s Create

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We love creating.  Craft embraces a wide range of creative genre and our only restrictions at Let’s Create is that what is shared must be family friendly and not depicting the ‘dark side.’

About Let’s Create

Our Aim is to encourage people of all ages to express their God-given gifts of creativity. We want to promote all crafters whether their crafting is a hobby or therapeutic or for business.

At this time we are taking Guest Posts, and guest tutorials there is a list of suggestions on this page, it is not a full list, and we are happy to consider your suggestions.

Guest collaborators promoted

Guest collaborators will be promoted and we will provide one hyperlink to your website, and the author may include another four hyperlinks in their Author Bio. These links can be social or go to stores or books or affiliate links.

The Links that we give are ‘dofollow’ links. This means that search engines will follow you from our page to your website or where ever you direct your links. Dofollow links are like a vote of confidence and will increase your SEO and elevate you in searches, potentially bringing visitors to your website.

There are more reasons that collaboration will be of benefit to you on our page How to Get More Eyes On Your Craft.

We will feature craft suitable for all ages and skills.

Submit your tutorials and we will promote them for you.

What we need from you –

At least one awesome photo of your project and a description/elevator sales pitch that will make people want to take a look at your project and possibly make or buy it. Use up to 55 words.

Two types of tutorial

1. Tutorials – are simple and easy to follow.

2. Master Class – are more detailed and often more complex projects.


Craft Supplies

As craft artists, we want the best supplies at the lowest prices. It is helpful to build up your own resources so that you are not frustrated in the creative process by not having what you need. Of course, this takes time and experience to build up.  Learn to think ahead and locate supplies for the projects you have in mind.

You will see links that I have to craft supplies that we sell, our range is slowly expanding. There is a low markup on the items, but if you can find them cheaper, go for it. I am in no way trying to get you to buy from us, but if we can be of service with good prices, that will be great.

Ask us for a quote on any item that you need.  Use the contact form in the footer with a description of the item and the country you are in.

Stores in some countries offer lower prices than in others. Personally, I have come to love the convenience of buying off the Internet.  I think I have become a little addicted to receiving parcels and having the fun of opening them – Is that just me?

Our Vision

It is our vision to become a hub for crafters, both to find inspiration, share it and to learn new skills.

We invite you to become a part of it as we collaborate together.


For Let’s Create